At NSCA BLC 2020, Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg will talk about using innovation to bring new ideas to life & how to use modern tech to make better decisions.



by D. Craig MacCormack

Artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual reality and machine learning are on just about everyone in AV’s minds these days, but where do they fit in today’s business landscape for integrators? NSCA BLC 2020 features this topic prominently.

That’s a question Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg plans to answer at the 22nd annual NSCA Business & Leadership Conference in his Executive Power Hour presentation on using innovation to bring ideas to life and his breakout session on using new tools to make better and faster decisions.

Wedell-Wedellsborg, a partner at Innovation Architects and author, says the key is using new technology to connect to customer problems.

Solutions360 president Brad Dempsey said on a pre-BLC 2020 call with Wedell-Wedellsborg it’s up to the integrator to recognize new opportunities when they come along and understand how to react to them.

“Not everyone recognizes these opportunities, but they could be the difference between success and failure,” said Dempsey. “Forward thinkers recognize the barriers that exist today and know there’s a way around them.”

Taking the step from talking about new technology to implementing it is crucial, says IVCi chief technology officer Tim Hennen.

“Customers are more sophisticated today, so we have to give them the skills to solve problems with today’s tools,” he said. There’s a bit of a workplace transformation going on across corporate America, said Hennen.

One NSCA member is using machine learning to create its proposals, says executive director Chuck Wilson. That means people are spending less time creating those documents and technology is able to more effectively understand what’s needed to create a proper solution.

Wedell-Wedellsborg says the latest tech tools will allow integrators to completely transform their relationships with their customers and approach them in an entirely new way.

“Trusted advisors shift away from being solution providers and end up solving the problems themselves, sometimes before their customers even realize there’s a problem that needs to be solved,” he said.

“Solving problems isn’t always about talking about how technology can do this or that. It’s about stepping back and taking a wider look,” said Wedell-Wedellsborg.

Learn more about NSCA BLC 2020 here.

This article was first published in Commercial Integrator, and has been republished with their express permission.

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