What is the best way for integrators to track of all those customer passwords?

Access control

One the of questions Solutions360 always hears from integrators is how to store all their access information.

Access control is a problem across the integration industry.  Technicians are installing IoT devices in customers’ network environments, and all of these devices have passwords and usernames. Plus, the servers and computers that technicians use also have passwords and usernames.

Access control is also important from a managed service perspective. Many MSPs need to remote access to  servers and other devices at the customer site.

Is it possible to make it easy to access user IDs, customer passwords AND keep them secure at the same time?

In this week’s video, Tofiq Indawala, Director of Product Management, explains  one of the hidden features in Q360 that many people don’t know about.

“You can go into a customer record or the site record and create a secure access information, which is fully encrypted within the database,” Indawala explains. “It keeps a log of who’s viewed it, who created it. If somebody has changed it we can see what it was changed from and to. So it allows you to track all of that access information directly in the system rather than keeping it on an Excel spreadsheet and on multiple technicians’ hard drive, or on your shared network.”

Q360 keeps your customers’ information secure, yet accessible to the staff that need this information.

Watch the video for the full discussion:

Q360 Helps Integrators Develop Best Practices for Access Control


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In this customer success story, Rick Allan, Chief Technology Officer at VTI discusses how the company uses the Q360 Access Information module for recording passwords at customer sites.

“We needed a way to track this information,” says Allan. “But we needed it to be secure, and we needed to be able to control accessibility to it. So we worked with Solutions360 to develop the Access Information module, and it’s now a tab within the customer site information.”

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