After an acquisition is made, the hard work begins.


It’s no secret that mergers and acquisitions are rampant in the AV industry, and the pace of consolidation shows no signs of slowing down.

As a result of acquisition, many of Solutions360’s customers are either experiencing or getting ready for explosive growth. Q360 software has been a great tool to help integrators gain command and control of both operations and accounting, smoothing out the bumps of on-boarding a new organization.

Brad Dempsey  and  John Graham recently sat down to talk about some of the best practices for integrators that are on-boarding acquisitions.

Depmsey points out that one of the challenges when acquiring new companies is the impact on culture. In particular, dealing with the new people that are being integrated, and the new structure of the organization.

“What really helps is having strong business processes and strong documentation already in place. This will improve the ability to assimilate a new organization and determine the return on investment as soon as possible,” says Dempsey.

To achieve this, you need visibility into how the new organization is performing, and Q360 provides that visibility.

“You don’t want to wait one or two quarters to see what the financial results are going to be after you close an acquisition,” according to Dempsey. “You need a tool that gives you immediate visibility into day to day operations, so you can see how the acquisition is performing and be able to respond to issues as soon as possible.”

Watch the full video below: Brad Dempsey and John Graham Discuss On-boarding Acquisitions

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