South Central AV

Chip Sprague from South Central AV stopped by our booth at InfoComm, and sat down with Brad Dempsey to tell us how Q360 has changed his business.

South Central AV has been using the Q360 software platform for just over one year. Prior to Q360, South Central had been using a Unix-based system for 25 years, plus six other systems that operated in silos. The company did not have good visibility into profitability on the project side of the business, which was a big challenge.

Sprague, the Director of Systems Sales, arrived at South Central in 2014, “We had seven different systems that didn’t talk to each other. There was a different system to submit an engineering ticket, to generate a quote, to put in a service call, etc. None of those systems talked to each other, so there was no visibility from end-to-end. Now, with Q360 we have everything under one roof. We have dashboards that help us pull it all together and look at how things are moving through the business.”

Another area where Q360 has had a big impact is the quoting process, according to Sprague. “We have been able to speed up our quoting process, quite a bit. It’s almost idiot-proof. Even a new hire, now, can turn around very thorough, complete, professional-looking quote in a fraction of the time it used to; which opens up time for more selling on the front end of the process.”

Watch the video below.

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