No matter what kind of change you are trying to invoke in your business; there are five key considerations to address to give you the best chance for success.  According to Dave Gustafson, NIATx (process improvement specialists) Director, these are the five most important factors in predicting organizational change improvement success.

The Five Keys to Success when implementing change.

  • Pick the right Change Leader.  Someone who has power, influence, prestige and empathy for the staff.
  • Pick the right Problem.  What keeps the CEO up at night; those are the problems that if improved, make a big difference to the business.
  • The extent to which the organization is willing to reach outside the boundaries of their own organization and industry to get ideas for improvement.
  • Insistence on doing it right; rapid cycle improvement which allows for the ability to adapt.
  • The most important factor is: The extent to which you understand who your customer is, what your customer needs and how they make their buying decisions and the key element is that you assume you don’t know.   Go back and ask questions, walk a mile in their shoes.

Click here to watch an 8 minute overview of this talk on YouTube.  Click here to watch a simple overview of the process improvement method.