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Daily Archives: July 13, 2012

How to Use Software to Help Weather the Economic Downturn

Focus on “Faster and Better”. Every asset, machine, tool and person you have must be accountable and cycle more quickly. Your business cannot survive unless you know where your resources are and how they can be used efficiently. Imagine being … Read More

Job Costing Software is Key to Construction Profits

Even in the best of economies more contractors go belly up than not. Knowing this, many builders reason that the best solution for dealing with risk is to keep their business modest. And yet, many fail. Nonetheless, for every failure, … Read More

Five Keys to Success when Implementing Change

No matter what kind of change you are trying to invoke in your business; there are five key considerations to address to give you the best chance for success.  According to Dave Gustafson, NIATx (process improvement specialists) Director, these are … Read More

Gaining an Edge: Don’t Tolerate Slow Financial Processes

++Referenced from Big Fat Finance Blog++ Mary Driscoll December 20th, 2010 The never-ending pursuit of cost reduction in financial management operations is all well and good — but do not overlook the negative impacts of slow process cycle times. APQC … Read More

Finding the mobile OS that’s right for your business: John Graham talks iPhone

Author: Tasha Caruso TELUS Talks Business With so many mobile devices on the market that support various operating systems, it’s often tough to know which will be the best tool to support you and your team. In series of four … Read More

Five New Management Metrics You Need To Know

Sometimes we focus too much on traditional metrics, here is a great post on non financial measurements…. This is a guest post from James Slavet of venture firm Greylock Partners. Slavet’s investments include, Groupon, One Kings Lane and Redfin. … Read More