How long does it take you to prepare for customer meetings?


How accessible is all of your customer information?


Q360 PSA Software

In Q360, all the data for a customer is located in one spot, which increases visibility, making it easier for sales reps to manage customer relationships.


A common complaint from systems integrators is that none of their systems talk to each other. This makes it challenging for sales reps to get a snapshot of what is happening with their customers in real time.

Kendra Lettau explains how it used to work at AVI Systems prior to Q360, “All of our systems were operating department by department. For sales rep getting ready to meet with a customer, before they had to research and find the customer information from each silo. Go to each department, like service and ask, ‘do you guys have any calls going on for my customer that I should be aware of before I go out there?’ Same thing with what might be happening in the warehouse. Sales reps had to ask questions of each department to make sure they had a well-rounded idea of what is going on with their customer. But in Q360, now all the data is in one place and easy to access.”

In this week’s video, Tofiq Indawala, Director of Professional Services, shows us how easy it is for sales reps to prepare for customer meetings in Q360.

“You don’t have to worry about a dedicated sales tool, dedicated accounting tool, dedicated project management tool, and service tool,” Indawala explains.

Watch the video to see how Q360 has all of the customer information in one place. Therefore, sales has all the information available at their fingertips to manage the customer account.

Video Demo 2 – Q360 Makes it Easy for Sales Reps to Prepare for Customer Meetings