In this week’s video, we speak with Mike Abernathy of the National Systems Contractors Association about the Business Accelerators program.

“The NSCA is a community of systems integrators and systems contractors,” says Abernathy. “Our role and our job is to assist members, and help them with day-to-day business issues.” That’s why Solutions360 has partnered with NSCA and the Business Accelerators.

Solutions360 is an integral part of the NSCA’s Business Accelerator program, which helps systems integrators address key challenges and shifting business models, according to Abernathy.

“Solutions360 helps with processes and the management, by taking all of an integrator’s separate software systems, and moving them all into one united system,” reports Abernathy. “Whether it’s their CRM, if it’s accounting or whatever, by moving it all into one system, it helps with service, and a lot of other key business challenges that integrators face.”

“Other key business issues that NSCA members are facing is moving to an as-a-service business model, and developing RMR,” according to Abernathy. These are some of the topics that will be front and center at the third annual Pivot to Profit, taking place October 23 -24 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Watch the video to learn more about the tools and resources Solutions360 offers to help integrators with the back-end support. If you have any questions about the Business Accelerators program contact Solutions360 or the NSCA.

Mike Abernathy, Director of Business Resources, NSCA

[email protected]