In the 20 years that Solutions360 has been working with low voltage contractors, almost all of them express the same goal to achieve predictable, steady, profitable growth.

So, if this is the universal goal for low voltage contractors then why isn’t every single one of them viable and profitable? The answer often resides in access to data of the business. Data is often elusive, but having these numbers at hand when you need them, and in the proper context, is crucial.

Q360 is an end-to-end software platform for technology integrators. With Q360, our customers can lay a solid foundation to execute on their business plan. Solutions360 has had the opportunity to work with progressive business leaders that have the vision and leadership to use Q360 to gain access to their data.


Knowledge isn’t power.


The right knowledge at the right time in the right hands is real power.


Wayne Automatic is a 600 person life-safety company with branch offices throughout the southeastern U.S. Wayne Automatic has been a Solutions360 customer for about 4 years. We spoke with CFO, Eric Morris, about how the company leverages Q360 to make better business decisions.

S360: With your 25 years as a CFO in the construction industry how would you say your relationship with Solutions360 is different?

EM: We feel that the folks at Solutions360 are genuinely committed to see that Wayne Automatic achieves our goals and aspirations.

We view Solutions360 much more than as a vendor, more so as a coach. In fact I would even go as far as to say that the people at S360 views their success not in terms of product or services they might sell, but rather in the tools they provide us to achieve the things we are working towards and to bring us to a new level of success.

S360: How does the Solutions360 software and the people at Solutions360 affect your business from a strategic standpoint?

EM: At Wayne Automatic we are always working to elevate our game to the next level. When you do that you don’t always have the tools beforehand to take you on the journey. What we look to Solutions360 to help us with is to provide the tools to help us get through the things we didn’t anticipate.

We think Solutions360 is extremely agile and they act quickly. There’s a lot of things that happen that we cannot foresee and we realize it is a trial and error process. You have to have a partner that’s willing to make that journey with you. Solutions360 has the technical expertise to pivot quickly and help us find the solutions we need for real world problems.

Watch the full video interview here.