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Spinitar is an audio visual and communications company with over 100 staff and branch offices around the southwestern U.S. We spoke with Jay Rogina, CEO at Spinitar. Below are some excerpts from our interview –

S360: You have been a Solutions360 customer for just over a year. Prior to engaging us you had several software initiatives in place at Spinitar. How would you say things are different with Q360?

JR: I think the relationship between Solutions360 and Spinitar has been solid, but more importantly a constant one. They didn’t just sell us a software package and leave. We are over a year into it and we continually work with Solutions360 on training programs to learn how to use more and more of the software program. In doing that it allows us to get better in our processes. It allows us to get more efficient. It allows us to be more accountable.

We are really fine tuning our processes and the data that is needed, and fine tuning the information we feed back to our staff. We think that is so valuable.

The feedback is valuable to our people because they can feel success and they can feel failure and now they know we’re all in it together. It’s all about accountability. Q360 has allowed us to be accountable from top to bottom.

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Q360 has allowed us to be accountable from top to bottom.


S360: When we first met you shared some big goals for growth at Spinitar. At the time you were facing some big hurdles. How did you address those hurdles and how are things different today?

JR: The goal is to grow the company. Where the industry is today, with the competitive nature of the market, means we have to become more accurate in our pricing when it comes to labor. Q360 has allowed us to do that.

From an equipment perspective, we all purchase equipment that is very similar in pricing. For the most part our business is about our people and our labor, this is how we differentiate. So, it’s really important how we price the system.

Q360 has improved our processes all the way through from start to finish and allowed the teams to be more accountable.

S360: You’ve initiated a lot of change at Spinitar. It’s one thing to change your software to centralize all your data, but how has this change impacted you and your staff and how you run your business?

JR: Q360 has really allowed us to be accountable. Everybody from the account manager selling the product to our installation team is now accountable – they are accountable for their time, and accountable for the success and profitability of the project, it really has impacted every person.

I have always said to my team you are either in sales, or you support someone who is in sales and Q360 has really brought those two pieces together. Our sales people are selling, and doing a great job working with the support team to bring those systems to closure, and make our projects a success.

Q360 gives us the tracking tools and the information, the data needed to give feedback. People need feedback, and this systems allows us to do a lot of feedback to our teams on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, which has really truly improved our processes.

Q360 provides a 360° view of your business

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