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You know you’re ready for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) when…

Posted on December 21, 2015 in Blog ,Change Management by

There is a tipping point in every business when the small, nimble team that worked its magic for years starts to degrade under the weight of data. Too many customers to keep track of in your head, larger projects require more juggling to keep track of schedules and costs in a timely manner and the pressure to react just as quickly and effectively keeps increasing as you continue to grow. Typically the first reaction is to hire another (non-billable) person to compile the information. The […]

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How Much Does Workflow Management Affect Your Bottom Line?

Posted on December 4, 2015 in Blog ,Business Process Improvement ,Q360 by

Most businesses have standalone software packages that act as repositories for data and to perform various job specific tasks. It’s common to end up with 3 or more separate systems, each essentially acting as a silo for information, making it difficult to correlate and reconcile your business data. Maintaining hard copies, physical filing cabinets, spreadsheets and/or reports can be used to effectively centralize, aggregate and gain access to data from various sources, up to a certain extent. But, as the volume of information and complexities […]

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Showing Integrators how to Keep Their Margins Up at InfoComm15

Posted on May 28, 2015 in Blog ,Improve Profitability ,Industry Discussion by

The team at Solutions360 is looking forward to meeting you at InfoComm15, where we’ll be talking to Integrators about how to keep their margins up at booth #3980.  See how other progressive Integration companies are keeping their margins up and growing profitably. Solutions360’s completely unified business management software is purpose built for A/V Integration companies to run their whole business.  We’ve worked with the fastest growing Integrators to streamline their operations, reduce costs by 15 to 20% and increase their profit margins by as much […]

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