Integrated Systems Next Step; Single System

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For years, industry and analysts have been touting the benefits of integrated systems that would improve the decision-making process by taking information from disparate functions and processes and organizing it efficiently. Strides continue to be made in driving efficiencies throughout the organization through just this sort of thought: Inventory and purchasing systems, payroll and HR systems, HVAC and fire systems, door entry and VOIP systems all coming together in solutions that drive productivity by correlating the data that these formerly disparate systems generated. The industry […]

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What are the Benefits of PSA Software?

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Professional Services Automation (PSA) software includes a number of high level benefits.  We can whittle this down into three groups of benefits; streamlining operations and execution, improving business performance and winning more business. Streamline Operations and Execution These PSA elements allow you to efficiently track and manage the procedures and processes within your business: resource and project management, time and expense management, financial management and project accounting, billing, document management, sales opportunity management, inventory management and post project service and dispatch. A brief explanation of each […]

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The Importance of Project Accounting in Professional Services Organizations

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Project Accounting, sometimes referred to as job cost accounting, is the practice of creating financials specifically to track the financial progress of projects.  Project Accounting enables the professional services organization to monitor the progress of their projects from a financial position, separately from standard organizational accounting such as by departments, divisions or by company, which are tracked over time periods, typically weeks, months, quarters or years.  Projects frequently cross these boundaries as they may last from a few days to years. Most companies invest a […]

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How to Use Software to Help Weather the Economic Downturn

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Focus on “Faster and Better”. Every asset, machine, tool and person you have must be accountable and cycle more quickly. Your business cannot survive unless you know where your resources are and how they can be used efficiently. Imagine being able to view where your people and equipment are at any moment so that you can plan to intelligently dispatch them to the next job. Take a Proactive Approach. Under normal circumstances a business owner will review financial information, overhead and direct operating margin at […]

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Job Costing Software is Key to Construction Profits

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Even in the best of economies more contractors go belly up than not. Knowing this, many builders reason that the best solution for dealing with risk is to keep their business modest. And yet, many fail. Nonetheless, for every failure, there is a success. What separates the winners from the losers? Job Costing software and best practices. Using job costing software is a lot easier than most trade pros believe it to be. The Small Business Administration study that established how risky the construction industry […]

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Five Keys to Success when Implementing Change

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No matter what kind of change you are trying to invoke in your business; there are five key considerations to address to give you the best chance for success.  According to Dave Gustafson, NIATx (process improvement specialists) Director, these are the five most important factors in predicting organizational change improvement success. The Five Keys to Success when implementing change. Pick the right Change Leader.  Someone who has power, influence, prestige and empathy for the staff. Pick the right Problem.  What keeps the CEO up at night; […]

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Gaining an Edge: Don’t Tolerate Slow Financial Processes

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++Referenced from Big Fat Finance Blog++ Mary Driscoll December 20th, 2010 The never-ending pursuit of cost reduction in financial management operations is all well and good — but do not overlook the negative impacts of slow process cycle times. APQC research conducted during the fourth quarter of 2010 points to renewed enthusiasm among CFOs and controllers for investing in financial process improvement, with another round of cost elimination being the primary goal. Particularly in the area of accounts payable, we see large organizations taking steps […]

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