4 Strategies to Accelerate Digital Transformation

4 Strategies to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Since the onset of the pandemic, no topic has impacted enterprises more than digital transformation. While many marveled at the rapid rate of change in early 2020, the sustained emphasis on digital transformation continues to shape the ways in which … Read More

8 ways to build resilience in your processes

8 Ways to Build Resilience into Processes

One way to ease the impact of uncertainty and volatility is for integrators to build resilience into their processes. While developing personal and team adaptability, integrators should also examine how their processes either build or drain resilience. Consider this advice. … Read More


Every Salesperson Should Take the August Challenge

  Take the August Challenge! A friend of mine that played professional baseball once told me that the worst day of the year for minor league ballplayers was August 1st. He explained that they had been playing virtually every day since … Read More