Solutions360 at InfoComm 2019

The Solutions360 team is busy getting ready for InfoComm 2019, where we will be talking to integrators about how to transform their businesses. Stop by our booth #4975 and learn how other integration companies are keeping up margins and increasing profitability.

The Q360 business management software platform is purpose built to run a whole AV integration business from end-to-end. Many of our customers are experiencing explosive growth, and Q360 has helped them to streamline operations and reduce costs, while increasing profit margins.

Looking back at last year’s InfoComm, Max Curry, President of Infinity Sound, stopped by our booth to talk about how his business has changed since switching to Q360 in July, 2017.

“The biggest change in our business is just being able to communicate across a single platform with everybody involved,” says Curry.

“It is a big advantage that we can address our system from the field, be it our phone or on our laptops or tablet,” according to Curry. “So we don’t have to wait until we get back to the office to make a decision or check on things. We can know in real time what’s going on, wherever we are.”

Infinity Sound is also leveraging Q360 to embrace forecasting

“We have always done forecasting in some format,” says Curry. “But in the past, the data had to be pulled out of the accounting system, and all the different data sets had to be put into an Excel spreadsheet before they could be manipulated… And then we hoped the data was still current.”

“With Q360 we are able to forecast our labor, forecast our cash flow, our revenues, which allows us to plan better.”

“With Q360 we are able to forecast our labor, forecast our cash flow, our revenues, which allows us to plan better.” Do we want this job in October of next year, or are we too busy? Does it make sense? Or does the margin for that project make sense? Do we have a hole there that we need to be more aggressive in?

Q360 allows us to plan everything from the sales standpoint to manpower,” Curry reports. “Now we can plan 24 months in advance. Do we need to start training? Is it a unique situation and project that we see? Q360 gives us a much better look into what we’re going to be doing so when we get there, we’re not surprised.”

If you make it to InfoComm 2019, we encourage you to stop by our booth #4975 and learn more about how we have helped integration businesses, just like yours, achieve predictable, steady and profitable growth.

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