On this NSCA Industry Insights, Chuck Talks Labor & Installation Standards

defend labor hours

A questions that NSCA often hears, is how do systems integrators defend labor hours beyond what time is spent on the job site? This issue is especially prevalent for integrators that work with construction managers and general contractors, but even some end-users.

“They just see what happens on the job site,” Chuck explains. “We might have a 200 hour project, but we’re only on the job site for a certain period of time. Customers are starting to ask questions about what happens beyond the job site and how time is allocated.”

NSCA has done numerous studies, which have resulted in a great tool, the Labor Installation Standard Guide. In conjunction with NSCA updating the guide, Solutions360 has taken their data and made it searchable within the Q360 software. This makes it easier than ever to cross reference or spot check quoted labor hours against NSCA data, and assists in minimizing the risks associated with developing accurate estimates.

“The Labor Installation Standard provides information that you can share with others about the average amount of time that is spent doing CAD work, or documentation, or shop drawings,” says Chuck. “Even if you are doing staging, putting the equipment together, and taking it apart before assembling at the job site, or rack assembly.”

If you take a look at all of these activities, you can show the preparation it takes to get ready before you bring the equipment to the job site to do the installation commissioning.

Chuck also points out that project management can be defended now. “You don’t have to eat the project management time or not expect to be paid for it. You can actually use the Standards to calculate project management time, and the number of hours.

General contractors are in a similar situation, according to Chuck. “They now charge the owners for project management time. Therefore, systems integrators should be able to charge for project management as well.”

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