Meet John Lyall, Customer Success Manager at Solutions360.

What is a Customer Success ManagerThe idea of a Customer Success Manager is a relatively new development, that is rapidly changing and evolving our customer relationships. John meets with Solutions360 customers to understand their needs and help them achieve their business goals. “I look to build strong value-added relationships with our customers by understanding their business goals and discussing strategies to help them achieve these goals. I listen to customers as they voice their needs within Solutions360,” says Lyall. The Solutions360 Support and Development teams do a great job of answering questions and fixing issues for our customers. But we wanted to evolve that relationship for a more proactive style of engagement. The main goal of a Customer Success Manager is to continue to execute on Solutions360’s vision of becoming our customer’s most valued business partner.   Your Success is the Goal of our Customer Success Manager   By meeting with customers, our Customer Success Manager better understands their needs and goals, as well as their business processes, which helps to build stronger relationships.  

“One of my favorite things about working with our customers is that no two are exactly alike, but they’re all very committed to working with us,” Lyall reports. “Our customers are often the ones teaching me about what they are doing with their processes, and we learn together in a collaborative fashion.”

  We have seen our customers grow their knowledge of the Q360 platform, and really build their skillset over months and years. It is especially satisfying to see our customers get excited about some of the new features we are adding for them, such as reporting capabilities and our new interactive dashboards. Given the robust and continually evolving nature of Q360, our customers really appreciate that they have a dedicated partner to collaborate with. During an implementation process, our Professional Services team works closely with our customers to understand their business needs. Post-implementation, having access to a Customer Success resource really bridges that gap, and helps with knowledge transfer. The Q360 platform has evolved significantly based on the feedback of our very own customers. “Our relationships allow for those open discussions about how we can make Q360 work more efficiently for all our customers. We have great partnerships that way,” Lyall concludes.  

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Customer Success Manager Is One of Solutions360’s Most Innovative Roles


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